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Data Collection Methodologies

CBR offers a comprehensive range of data collection methods, both quantitative and qualitative.
Quantitative Qualitative
Quantitative Methodologies

Random Sampling Plan

Door-to-Door Interview

Telephone Interview
District quotas
Sample quota assigned to each city district proportionally, according to share of city population.

Household list
Household sampling
·Randomly choose neighborhoods
·Randomly choose starting point
·Record every 10th household, walking by “right hand rule”
·Randomly generate telephone numbers for the district according to fixed parameters by computer
·Dial each number and exclude those which aren’t households
Respondent sampling

Use Kish Grid to choose among qualified respondents
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Intercept Procedure
Quota Male Female Total
15-19 yrs 50 50 100
20-24 yrs 50 50 100
25-29 yrs 50 50 100
30-35 yrs 50 50 100
Total 200 200 400
Quota sampling chart
Street intercept & first screening
Second screening at interview site


CBR employs Sawtooth Ci3 for computer-aided personal interviewing (CAPI) and computer-aided telephone interview (CATI).
CAPI/CATI improves questionnaire accuracy and complexity, and enables faster data delivery


Sample for CAPI/CATI Questionnaire Screen
Q21. How often do you drink bottled green tea? (SA)
4-6 times per week
2-3 times per week
Once per week
Once per 2-3 weeks
Once per month
Occasionally, less than once per month

Interview progress



Pre-recruitment—F2F, FGD, IDI
Project approval
Create shortlist
·Through contact network by contact persons,

·Use Qnr A, containing only demographics but not detailed project criteria to avoid cheating
·A second screening by full-time supervisors to select eligible respondents

·Use Qnr B, containing detailed project criteria such as product usage, lifestyle, etc.
Call Back Check
·100% call backs by independent QC team

·Use Qnr C, to check the respondents authenticity & verify done work of fieldwork

·A further step is to check the database to see if the respondents have attended similar projects to avoid repeated respondents


Interviewer Selection & Training
·Mainly undergraduate students (18-22 year old female)
·Also include some older housewives
·Must have good Mandarin and local language ability
Legal Issues
·Must sign a part-time employment contract with CBR
·Must sign a confidential agreement for the specific project involved
Training & Project Briefing
·8-12 hours long training by supervisors for general knowledge of fieldwork
·Pass test before officially becoming CBR interviewer
·At least 4 hours training for a specific project, including role play and debriefing
Pilot & Debriefing
·Pilot interview and pilot debriefing prior to fieldwork
·All interviewers must conduct at least 1 pilot / accompanied interview
·Fieldwork only begins after pilot interview debriefing